"I look at the desert and I see life. The emptiness is what makes it so full of emotion and beauty."
– John Garcia

— (via mymojave)
elenamorelli: { lust for adventure: 10 out of 10 }


"In a few moths your girlishness, beauty and youth have disappeared.
You have grown old and your face scares me
For any push to the end brings matter to the self explosion
as if beyond certain barrier there was a pulp
with death at the bottom.

Again you are one of many
you are taking part in an auction
you exist through your love affair
but you don´t know that it is not you
who sets the price
of the value in this market
that the hand which
fumbles inside you
and which cruelly turns your glands inside out
is the hand of the very principle of the market.

The murderous hand or eye
which finds the pleasure in seeing how the actors
lustful like dogs, are wearing out.”

Oh Earth! OTSG.1988

YES ! I feel alright. 
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